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Building an effective development team is not an easy task. There are so many issues companies are faced with, where to find and how to choose good managers, designers and dedicated developers for the enterprise, and how to organize them into a team. It’s not always possible to define specific problems or find appropriate solutions.

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies prefer to work over the outstaffing model when hiring a dedicated team of developers, especially in corporate software projects. The dedicated development team for the enterprise is the best solution for companies that wish to reduce the price of the project but still get a high-quality product.

Outstaffing as the best way to find a dedicated development team for enterprises

Outstaffing is a work process model where outstaff provider hires a team of required experts, deploys them at own premises and then rents them to the customer. Outstaffing is considered as a kind of outsourced services. The vendor is tasked with supplying comfortable working conditions, training, paying fees, taxes, and salaries, while the client retains management over the leased team members, their firing and hiring, and work results.

Contractual relations between the outstaffer and the customer are organized through the developer provision deal.

Dedicated development team for enterprise

The main benefit of dedicated development team service for enterprise is to resolve issues related to the optimization of the company employment and budget management, as well as to reduce the risks associated with resolving labor disputes.

Benefits of outstaffing:

  • Dedicated staff;
  • Low market value (salary);
  • Flexibility of team management (hiring, firing);
  • Rapid deployment.

What are the benefits of outstaffing in large corporate projects

Outstaffing as a form of employment makes it possible to transfer certain functions of the enterprise to the outstaff provider to optimize financial and resource costs for non-core activities. This form is beneficial to a fairly wide range of companies because almost any staff can be transferred to outstaffing. This service is especially helpful for big enterprises and projects.

Big companies often have a large number and high turnover of certain employees or temporary personnel in non-critical departments. In modern market conditions, it is advisable to outstaff such divisions. This will help to reduce the load of HR and accounting departments, and focus efforts on the development and implementation of personnel training and motivation systems, which in turn will reduce workforce fluidity and increase employees satisfaction.

Benefits of outstaffing

Additionally, there is an important though indirect saving. It happens because of delegating responsibilities for the timely and proper calculation of taxes, reporting, payment of salaries, maintaining personnel documentation, minimizing the risks associated with these processes and resolving labor disputes with staff.

The outstaffing outlook is based on its profitability – it is a legal way to reduce taxes and the functions of administration and accounting. All questions and employment issues are solved by the outstaffing vendor.

Why do you need a dedicated development team for enterprise

The services of the dedicated team are typically needed when:

  • client has no resources and/or need for permanent in-house software developers;
  • in-house development department has no time or required expertise to carry out the project;
  • employers don’t want to waste time on paperwork attributed to personnel management.

To enter the market rapidly, it is important to hire dedicated developers for the enterprise that have relevant expertise. An experienced team will help to reach a qualitatively new level and come ahead of the competition.

The peculiarities of hiring the dedicated development team for big projects

Dedicated development team (DDT) is a team of developers composed for the implementation of a long-term customer project.

The customer independently determines the structure of the team, the number of specialists, the schedule of their work. A team is formed on the basis of these requirements. Per request, an outsourcer provides the necessary information and assists in forming the team for the project. The work can be controlled by the customer or an offshore company representative included into the team.

The main feature of the DDT model is the client receiving a well-trained team of specialists with established mechanisms of interaction and management, aimed at productive work.

DDT for a project

Customers that hire dedicated developers for enterprises get a number of advantages:

  • the team is focused on one project;
  • the outstaffer chooses the best experts in full accordance with the client’s requirements;
  • all the members of the team have a great working ethics and are motivated to provide qualitative results;
  • the client can include their own management personnel into the team.

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Stages of the dedicated development team creation

In the process of formation, each dedicated development team passes through a number of significant stages. Successful passing of every stage should be considered a step to the project success.

DDT model principles


This stage includes setting up the infrastructure, forming the main team, intensively transferring the knowledge and conducting preliminary workshops on the customer’s side. It requires a high level of cooperation between the provider and the client.

It is exactly that part of project development when the team is constructed so you should clearly understand your needs. Moreover, it is necessary to explain all the aspects of your project to the team and create a comprehensible guide for each member.


At this stage, all the preparations are finalized, the quality of knowledge transfer is tested, and practical experience in working with products, processes, and technologies of the customer is obtained.

Project development

This stage is one of the most important as the work itself is started. The most significant aspects you should pay attention to are team management and ongoing process improvement.

Depending on how your team will be organized and managed, your project may become a great success or the biggest failure. To avoid it, you must be sure that your manager works properly and all the changes to the project are closely observed.


A great number of large enterprises look for teams of temporary staff for various tasks. Often they look for a team of developers to create a website, application or other IT projects of different complexity. Speaking of IT - most enterprises do not have or need their own development departments but in the modern world, no established corporation can do without the software technologies. It means that having their own personnel for such needs is not beneficial but still necessary that is why using outstaffing services is a good choice. Trying to build a team to develop your project, you should carefully select an experienced outstaffing services provider. If you are looking for a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe or any other region, our company is right there for you. We have an extensive experience in outstaffing and can provide you with the best team to make your project successful.

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