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JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for web development with a history of more than 20 years. However, despite the simplicity and unambiguousness of JS syntax, it is not an easy task to create large-scale software projects without additional tools. And just to make the process of software production easier, developers try to find the best JavaScript frameworks for themselves. In this article, we will bring your attention to the top JavaScript frameworks, which have gathered fan audiences of many thousands throughout the world.

The Best Javascript Frameworks: The Choice of Our Development Team

Which js framework is best? Which javascript framework to learn? Let us proceed to reviewing best javascript frameworks from our point of view.
Angular JS


Speaking about software development in JavaScript, it is impossible not to mention such a world-famous framework as Angular.js in our list of javascript frameworks. This development framework is popular, primarily because it gives developers the best conditions for combining JavaScript with HTML and CSS. In addition, AngularJS is a full-fledged MVVM framework with double-sided data binding, which means that developers can create separate components for logical part of the application and for its presentation in the UI without any problems. Also, we should note the expandability of this framework: if necessary, it fully allows integration with external libraries.



For many people, the presence of React.js library in the list of top javascript frameworks seems inappropriate. Nevertheless, we think it is impossible not to include this truly remarkable and extremely advanced library to our top-list. This library allows you to create high-performance applications (thanks to the use of Virtual DOM instead of the “full-weight” DOM); it is characterized by simplicity of learning (compared to Angular.js, which has a pretty complex syntax for beginners) and flexibility (React.js is designed to create elements only at the presentation level – View; to create everything else or what React.js is not able to do, developers can choose any other libraries and tools).



Vue.js is an incredibly easy-to-learn and flexible framework for creating user interfaces which minimizes the probability of errors. Thus, developers can devote themselves to the solution of primary tasks – front-end functionality development instead of wasting time on the investigation of those parts of the code which are potentially dangerous for bug appearance. The main features of this javascript best framework are declarative rendering, double-sided data binding, the ability to bypass DOM during user input, well-thought-out event handling (in many other frameworks this procedure is very difficult in its implementation) and integration with HTML templates.



Mithril is an MVC framework that uses, like React.js, Virtual DOM instead of DOM. This feature allows you to improve the performance of applications created for interactive communication with the user in real time. In Mithril, developers can also find absolutely amazing utilities that help to conduct asynchronous event handling. This framework has its own controller, router (which binds the components of the software which is being created to a specific address in the browser) and web services (which process requests online). In addition, this development framework is supported by a very large number of browsers: starting with IE9 and all their mobile versions, and it is characterized by its component independence (if necessary, the developer can connect external tools without any hassle).



Meteor.js is one of the most popular JS frameworks, which is accompanied by a huge number of functions for back-end development and front-end rendering, database and business logic management. This full-stack platform allows you to develop web and mobile applications quickly. In terms of performance, all changes in the database are transferred to the user interface almost instantly. This means that all user operations, carried out within the framework of your application, will be as responsive as possible. In addition, Meteor.js covers all the stages of software development cycle and takes care of such processes as linking, file concatenation and so on. This framework was used in application development working in real-time mode for such giants like Mazda, IKEA, Honeywell, etc.



Ember was named the best of client-side javascript frameworks, leaving behind its main competitors – React and AngularJS. Today it can boast of a huge Internet community, as well as a great speed of its development. In particular, Ember has a double-sided data binding, supporting both the representation and the model in synchronization with each other throughout the entire operation of the application. In addition, Ember.js has a very useful Fastboot.js module that can provide very fast DOM rendering on the server side, improving the representation of user interfaces with complex logic. Emberjs is usually used to create reasonably large high-performance Web applications and Web sites. This development framework is actively used by companies such as Nordstrom, LinkedIn, and Netflix. Moreover, Ember.js has a low barrier of entry and a large number of free online tutorials with information presented in a good quality.



Aurelia is a fairly popular JavaScript framework that supports languages such as ES5, ES6, ES7, TypeScript, AtScript, and CoffeeScript. Actually, when working in this development framework, you write your code in ES7, and then just interpret it on JS just before the application launch. Also, Aurelia supports web components that can be exported to other projects without special problems (even if they were built with the use of external frameworks). Thus, choosing Aurelia, developers get the opportunity to create template and reusable solutions.



Knockout.js is not entirely a framework. This is a free JS framework for creating software that implements the MVVM template and uses View-ViewModel data-attributes HTML5 for connection. Among its features are declarative data binding, UI auto-update, dependency tracking and template functions, using both on-site and external mechanisms (for instance, jquery.tmpl). In addition, Knockout.js provides comprehensive integration with any other available infrastructures, which, in turn, will ensure the most flexible approach to software production.



Keystone, which is based on the MVC structure Express and using the database NoSQL MongoDB, is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use JavaScript frameworks. Often, Keystone is used as the Content Management Framework and it is a great alternative to a larger WordPress. Having a well-designed user interface, this development framework allows you to create quickly fairly complicated things in terms of implementation (for example, work with an asynchronous code in Keystone is characterized by its adaptability, even for beginners).



Stapes.js is an MVC micro framework that is incredibly easy-to-use. In particular, instead of almost hundreds of modules, which are characteristic to Backbone.js, Stapes.js uses only 20. Moreover, this development framework weighs very little (2 kb in the archived format). An equally advantage of the framework is the absence of formalism while creating the code (in the largest accounts, you can vary the location of individual code blocks quite a lot).


The Best Javascript Frameworks: Summing Up Let's sum things up. Analyzing the above-mentioned list of the best JavaScript frameworks, it is very difficult for us to single out one of them. As practice shows, the greatest number of tutorials can be found in case of practicing top js frameworks Angular.js, Vue.js, and Ember.js. In turn, the React.js library is one of the fastest growing tools often used in startup development. The other js frameworks are no less good, therefore the correct choice you can make only after practicing each of them.
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