Customer-centric Platform for Banks

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The main goal was to build a customer-centric platform for banks with pre-built modules allowing the construction of hyper-personalized customer journeys. The modular automation blocks should provide standard functionalities out-of-the-box so that the majority of the customer journeys are built on productized, pre-vetted, and reliable code. The collection of blocks should empower non-technical staff to create, develop, test, and deploy omnichannel and customer-facing products.



We had a team of over 25 specialists, 4 .NET developers, a QA team, a team of business analysts, iOS and Android developers, and a team of UI/UX designers. There also were several key players: CTO, Product Owner, System Architect, and Project manager.

The first step was gathering background information on the project and collecting the scope, requirements, and business objectives. Together with the Product Owner, System Architect, and the team of Business Analysts we identified the business objectives of the platform that we needed to implement using the required technological stack.

    The business analysis stage involved the following steps:

    • Defining the project vision;
    • Describing the product’s target audience;
    • Creating a backlog containing user stories and acceptance criteria for each user story;
    • Prioritizing the order of implementation for each user story;
    • Dividing the product backlog into sprints;
    • Designing wireframes to demonstrate the product’s planned functionality.
      • The development workflow was divided into sprints and separated into 3 parts that went in parallel:

        • Web interface for banking workers;
        • Backend for the whole platform;
        • Mobile app development for iOS and Android;
        • QA testing.

Value Delivered

Building a single digital platform has enabled UK Banks to transition towards being a more customer-centric and digital institution. Mentioned below are the benefits the Client gained:

  • We were able to adhere to the given timeline and deliver the functional web, iOS, and Android app with all the required features;
  • The Client was able to take advantage of the newest technologies and expand his business to new clients.

Project Results

Jelvix built a new banking platform with a clean and intuitive user experience from scratch. The platform is complex and multi-functional, but at the same time user-friendly. We developed the most critical features, but the product is constantly growing, and the team is still working on it currently. Today the platform is used by 850,000 users in 8 countries.

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