Optimizing Telecom Back-Office Systems

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The client's main goal was to speed up the work process and minimize the human error factor. Also, it was expected to create a unique solution that would meet all the necessary requirements and be adapted to the specifics of the company. The important task was to provide a system that would work smoothly, withstand a heavy daily workload, and guarantee data security.



To improve back-office processes and create an automated solution, we identified three main aspects on which we built all future work, namely ensuring optimal functioning of the system and improving process efficiency and data reliability.

To begin with, we identified the main areas and values that made up the process of developing the solution and had to be hatched on the basis of the new solution:

  • Summarizing and organizing existing information;
  • Digitization of data;
  • Development and interpretation of specific functions;
  • Web and mobile versions of the CRM system;
  • Ensuring data security;
  • Creating an intuitive interface;
  • Training for departments.

The most difficult part of the development phase of the new solution was the collection and digitization of existing information, as the information was scattered across different departments and in different forms.

Then we proceeded to discuss and approve the functions that the solution had to contain. As a result, the solution now has the following possibilities:

  • Filtering by necessary queries;
  • Automatic calculation of the cost of tariffs and discounts;
  • Customizing newsletters and user notifications;
  • One-click contact with the customer;
  • Chats and video rooms for communication between departments;
  • Data of the users are in one place and you can use them at any time;

Also due to the selected tech stack, we have provided high performance and security of the system. This will avoid leakage of user data, as well as ensure an efficient workflow without delays.

Depending on the wishes of the client, our design team made a simple and intuitive interface that does not take much time to understand the features of the new system.

After the approval and release of the system, our team held a short series of training conferences, which introduced in detail all departments of the company to the possibility of a new solution.

Value Delivered

The implementation of this solution allowed the customer to understand and automate many processes in the office. Also thanks to the new solution the time to perform tasks has decreased significantly, which allowed increasing productivity within the company, it also increased the quantity of requests processed, which allowed to increase satisfaction and the number of positive feedbacks among clients.


Project Results

As a result of this work, the Jelvix team managed to develop a practical and unique solution to optimize and control the internal work of the office. Our team applied its experience, and new technologies in the development of top-notch features. We created a system that has a web version, as well as an application, which significantly increases the practicality and accessibility.

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