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We help companies to streamline their experience and develop unique software products across travel and hospitality segment.

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Partner with a Leading Travel Software Development Company

From hotel app development to complex travel technology, Jelvix solves your most complex problems with a variety of solutions to improve your business processes and automate your services. We harness industry trends to create return bookers with every customer interaction. Disrupt business as usual with solutions like:

  • Real-time booking systems
  • Hotel and flights search engines
  • Data visualization tool for hotels
  • Invoicing and payment platforms
  • Extranet and inventory management system
  • Ancillary travel services

Thanks to rapidly expanding technology, your customers’ expectations are high. Meet customers' business and technology needs with end-to-end hotel management and hospitality software solution for your operational challenges. From airlines, hotels, OTAs, cruise lines, and more, leading brands rely on Jelvix and our complex engineering experience. We bring innovative platforms and products that help you stand out from the crowd.

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Travel & Hospitality Software Solutions that Empower

  1. Boost online users’ engagement

    Empower your online customers to share their travel insights and leave recommendations. With custom hotel booking app development, they get to share their know-how, and your platform becomes a popular destination for reviews.

  2. Skyrocket customer loyalty

    Offer travelers online assistance that’s seamless and frictionless. Jelvix team can help with building universal apps that handle every aspect of their travel, from booking airline tickets and accommodation to entertainment activities and insurance.

  3. Harness the power of data analytics

    Understand your customers better through sophisticated data analysis. Capture data available at your fingertips to create highly personalized offerings based on customers’ preferences and behaviors. Delight customers at every turn.

  4. Integrate solutions with GDS

    Get seamless integration with GDS and itinerary builders to offer your customers competitive pricing choice. Provide complete visibility of hotel rooms, flights, and more through innovative use of tools like a dynamic pricing engine.


Get Hotel App Development, Travel Agency Software, and More


  • Digital strategy and service design
  • Mobile travel apps
  • Booking and reservations systems
  • Invoicing and payment platforms integration
  • Loyalty and rewards systems development
  • GDS / CRS integration
  • Data analytics solutions
  • Customer experience management solutions

Technology Domains

  • Native and cross-platform mobile app development
  • Internet of Things
  • AR / VR
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain

Get a Proven, Three-step Process

  • Technology Consulting

    Our dedicated team offers expert consultation with staff across every Travel & Hospitality segment. We are experts in assembling dedicated development teams that will work entirely on your software development project. From customer-facing platforms for reservation booking to a portal for your entire agency, we collaborate with you to discover the best technology solution.

  • Custom Software Development

    Custom software development means you get an end-to-end solution that offers your customers, agents, staff, and others the exact functionality needed. Your custom solution will integrate seamlessly with any third-party applications like GDS and itinerary builders, so you get the functionality you need to provide transparent customer service.

  • Legacy Systems Modernization

    We offer legacy system modernization, so you have a powerful source for everything from customer-facing booking platforms to forecasting and reporting tools for business purposes. Our DDT is ready to bring legacy systems into a cloud-based solution to simplify your processes and offerings.

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