Tips on Staff Motivation in IT Companies

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The current rapid development of information technologies in the labor market generates a high demand for qualified professionals. An app development team personnel possessing sufficient competence is quite difficult to find, but it can be even harder to keep them interested.

As a result, the majority of the chief officers involved in the professional ecommerce website builder staff management face a considerable challenge in the effective motivation of workers to avoid their resignation and employment by competitors.

What is motivation and why it is needed in software development companies

The “motivation” term has many meanings. In the management area, motivation is the process of app development team staff stimulation towards the activity aimed at the effective achievement of their personal goals as well as the goals of entire organization.

The app development agency employees’ enthusiasm with their work contributes to its effectiveness. Especially important this is for specialists in the IT field, since the effectiveness of their work depends often not only on qualitative and timely execution of the projects, but also on the stable operation of the other departments. What are the ways of motivation of employees of the IT industry? Let us consider the main ones.

Basic ways to motivate mobile app and web developers 

Here’s a short list of approaches that will help you to keep your employees in a great mood:

Financial motivation. Material stimulation in form of wage increases and bonus payoffs – is the most ancient, widespread and highly effective way to motivate employees. However, at a certain stage the efficiency of this method is reduced: that is the constant increase in wages does not lead to an equally steady increase in app development team motivation. Though, at some point comes a kind of “saturation” and the person begins to value, say, an additional holidays higher than the possibility of obtaining monetary bonuses. Therefore, an accretion of premiums and bonuses should be individual and directly depend on the results of each expert.

Recognition and respect. Most qualified IT-specialists have quite a high professional self-esteem and assessment of the significance of their own contribution to the professional software development organization. And it is quite a reasonable position, as in the present conditions the finest performance of the IT systems for most companies is crucial. Respect of the higher-ups, recognition of professionalism and merit, joint discussion of the projects, distribution of the deserved praise, certificates and awards – all this is an excellent way to increase the employee motivation and to give them an incentive for the new achievements.

Career prospects. It is no secret that for the most of the native app development company’s employees the opportunity to get a promotion is one of the leading activity motives. This also applies to the IT staff, many of whom want to see a clear perspective of their own career development within the organization.


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Here are several more ways to motivate software development agency employees

Provisioning of the professional growth possibilities. Imagining a competent IT specialist, not striving for perfection in their own profession, is almost impossible. This state of affairs is due to the specifics of the IT area: its development is so fast that a person that is not engaged in a permanent increase of their skills, will soon lose the required qualification. Subscriptions to specialized media, extension courses, trips to the functional seminars, workshops or conferences, allow the employees to feel that the company cares about their professional growth.

The correct formulation of tasks. Most professionals in the IT industry are creative people, so a boring and monotonous work will quickly cloy them, and their enthusiasm will decline. Of course, it would be nice if it was possible to assign an interesting problem to each specialist, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible. In any case, assigning a task to an IT staff member, a software development company manager should take care that the purpose of the work, the method and timeframe of implementation were outlined as accurately as possible. It is advisable to discuss all of this with the very performer, as it is likely, that they can point to important aspects, which escaped the attention of the supervisor or suggest the best way to solve the problem. Among other things, the management’s attention to the opinion of the employee allows them to feel their own importance and value to the company.

Organization of the comfortable working conditions. Information technology requires high concentration; it is a sphere of activity in which even a random typo can lead to malfunction of the whole system. Therefore, care should be taken to provide mobile app development staff with appropriate working conditions: the comfortable and relaxing workplace, necessary equipment, software, etc., since the lack of necessary tools will inevitably lead to decline in motivation.

Finally, let us note that while selecting the means of motivation, managers should take into account the individual motives of the employees, their personal qualities and character traits.

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