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JavaScript is widely used for frontend development and building applications nowadays. Being one of the most popular technologies, it gets quite a lot of attention from both users and developers. Like any well-developed programming language, JavaScript has special in-built tools. Those include editors and IDEs. But, as there are so many of them, how to choose the right one? We honestly don’t think one can come up with the best JavaScript IDE. Yet, we will provide you with our pick. You can have a look at the list and decide for yourself, what you like most.

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What is an IDE?

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a program created to help with the development. Most of the times it can be used for code editing, debugging, and automation. The IDEs are created in order to simplify programmer’s work. It is meant to be an application where all the work is done. The use of IDEs became possible with the introduction of consoles and terminals. Before that, such a software was technically impossible to introduce.

The main difference with the JavaScript editors is that the latter ones don’t have the debugging features. That is why it’s a great idea to have an IDE for JavaScript development. In order to speed up the development process and make it more efficient, one would prefer to test the code. Most of the JS editors only support text, thus, leaving no option for testing. This is the biggest IDE strength. The ability to integrate the software into the system and see how things are working instantaneously brings a lot of benefits.

JavaScript IDEs

Best JavaScript IDEs You Should Take a Look At

Below we will provide a list of the top available IDEs for JavaScript. We will try to describe their main strength and drawbacks to make the choice easier for you.

  • Visual Studio Code is a great and light solution to develop frontend. It can be used with multiple operating systems and has a default support of JavaScript, Node.js, and TypeScript. But the environment is also fit for supporting extensions for other programming languages. Depending on variables, function definitions, and modules, you can get very good completions. It is also possible to fix the code in the editor. There are built-in Git commands available to work with Git or other SCMs. And the software is customizable. You can add themes, extensions, and other languages without slowing down the editor.
  • Webstorm is another great option for web development in JS. This software is also not free and the prices start from about 59 euros per year for individuals and 129 euros per year for businesses. There are discounted or completely free licenses for teachers and students, non-profit organizations, open-source projects, startups, training programs, and some more. Webstorm has many great features available, like on-the-go editing, refactoring, great navigation, and code completion. The app is customizable and allows you keeping the history of any changes done. So, you can go back and review the code at any time. It’s probably the best IDE for frontend development available at the moment.
  • Atom is an IDE built by GitHub. It’s a simple, yet mighty text editor. The application is extremely customizable. You can create new packages, change or make new themes. By default, the application has a built-in package, four UI, and eight syntax themes. Both light and dark colors are available. Atom can be used on Windows, Linux, and OSX operating systems. It’s a desktop application made with the help of JS, Node.js, CSS, and HTML. It has capabilities for easy editing and projects browsing in one single window. At the moment, it is one of the best IDEs for frontend development.

Tool Type Usage

  • Brackets is a nice choice for those who want to be able to design in the browser directly. It’s opensourced and has been created by the programmers to be used by web designers and frontend developers. It has focused on visual tools and a very good preprocessor support. Another advantage is that this software allows you working on the code without the need to open multiple windows. You can make your edits right where you write your code. It also provides an immediate connection to the browser. Which means you will see all the changes done immediately.
  • Komodo Edit is an open-sourced simplified version of a paid Komodo IDE software. It’s an easy-to-use accessible toolkit for development. The simplicity and no costs to bare are very appealing. However, if you want a full experience, like debugging, unit testing, integrations, custom workspaces, etc., you will need the full Komodo version. Unlike Komodo Edit it is not free, and the price depends on the license you choose. The app comes with a 21-day free trial to make sure that’s what you need. Nevertheless, with the extensive number of features available, Komodo can be easily called the best editor for JavaScript.

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The speed and quality of everything became the most important parts of any business. And if there is anything you can do about improving the time and efficiency of your project, you should do it. The IDEs are a perfect solution in 2019 for getting your development process beneficial. You are able to receive solutions in minutes and satisfy your customers better. Most of the IDEs allow online editing and tracking. This ensures that you have a better response time or a shorter time for launching to production. So, you are being faster, better and reduce the development costs at the same time. All you need to do is decide which one is the right IDE for you.
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