Developing websites for mobile devices is the necessity of successful activity

The amount of people who use mobile devices raised by 28,5% from 2012 to 2015 year. This tendency tells us about preferences of people to use their devices more often and it could be the time when desktop will lose its first place. This fact should be used by the owners and developers to make actual and effective resources for business companies. By the end of 2016 every third user is a mobile user so developing websites for mobile devices comes to the first place for developers. Now there are different variants to create a mobile version of the website - using plugins, creating the particular mobile version, using frameworks etc.

The main reasons for developing websites for mobile devices

Your choice must be based on the purposes of your website and the production of your company. There are some facts that could help you make the decision:

  • Search extradition.The websites with mobile or adoptive versions are better ranked by search systems. Websites with the mobile version are marked by the special label in search systems like Google.
  • Loyalty. Due to the Google analytics 67% of customers make a purchase if website contributes to easy-shopping or easy-navigating. 61 % of people immediately close the website if they can’t quickly search for the desired items or if it requires some additional actions. Behavioral factors is an important attribute, especially during mobile application design and development process!
  • –°onversion. The main aim of mobile optimization of the website is to raise up the conversion. Companies that launch mobile versions of the website have seen the different increase of conversion even for 50%. There is a methodology called Mobile First that tells us to think about developing websites for mobile devices and only then about the desktop. It could be introduced in all activities that are connected with clients - from e-mail newsletter to designing graphic elements.

The choice of technology for developing websites for mobile devices

This choice depends on the data that has been already used. If the company has the desktop website and wants to minimize its costs while adopting it for the mobile then it’s better to use a plugin for CMS or constructor. If it is recreating the site or redesigning - it would be better to choose the adaptive variant. Also, it could be done by special agencies, but you should pay attention to some points:

  • look through the portfolio to know more about company’s ready websites and what they really could make;
  • pay attention to the work speed and if there are mistakes on the sites from the portfolio;
  • ask about the types of developing websites for mobile devices and the company’s preferences and thoughts about it;
  • fix the work period that should be enough for the realization of mobile version and write down the fine rules in case of failing the conditions;
  • fix the conditions of post developing communication and technical support.