Mobile phone application development - trends of the year 2016

Every year has its own trends, popular topics, and innovations. Year by year an amount of mobile users raises up and to the end of 2016 becomes 65,7%. It is the very important point for mobile phone application development companies because it means the raise of an amount of work. Every year the companies prepare different statistics and top-lists information to analyze preferences of users, what are trends and what kind of the application withdraw from the popular sights.

Mobile phone application developmen: the final list of the most popular applications from the App Store in 2016

  1. Snapchat (chat service with possibility to send photo)
  2. Messenger (Facebook chat service for sharing text and multimedia messages)
  3. Pokemon GO (game based on the technology on adding reality and geolocation)
  4. Instagram (service for sharing photo and video)
  5. Facebook (social network)
  6. YouTube (video hosting)
  7. Google Maps (mapping service)
  8. Pandora (online radio)
  9. Netflix (streaming video broadcast service)
  10. Spotify Music (streaming audio broadcast service)

This list is the results of the best mobile phone application development companies that created application considered on clients preferences and pay attention for the creating UI/UX design at the high level. From the list above you can see that the most popular applications are chat apps and 5 of 10 are social media apps. Also on this list are some apps for streaming that means that streaming becomes a trend this year. Offshore software application development world’s breakthrough is creating absolutely new application “Pokemon GO” that mixed real-life with game format. But even this app can’t become more popular than social media chat applications.

Mobile phone application developmen: top-10 of the paid applications from App Store in 2016

  1. Heads Up! (mind-breaker)
  2. Face Swap Live (service to "share faces" with someone in real time)
  3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition (game in genre «sandbox»)
  4. Facetune (photo editor)
  5. KIMOJI (set of smilies in the Kim Kardashian’s style)
  6. 7 Minute Workout Challenge (application for 7-minute fitness training)
  7. Geometry Dash (arcade-platformer)
  8. Plague Inc. (simulator-strategy with the role of disease to play)
  9. Akinator the Genie (mind-breaker)
  10. Bloons TD 5 (game in Tower defense genre)

From this list, you can see that the most popular direction of the mobile phone application development of the year. The most trendy are the mind-breaker apps. It could mean the raising of humanity intelligence level. Here it is the application for a real chat with video translation and one for photo editing. Socializing of the Internet is undoubted tendency that is observed from year to year. The healthcare direction comes popular all-over-the-world so it is not strange to see application for fitness at the top-10. Of course, people want to have some fun, so games in different genres are on the list.