Outsourcing software development companies about the methodologies

There are a lot of different models and methodologies of the developers’ working process. Some companies use fixed set of work formats, some - use concrete type due to the project features. The outsourcing software development companies tell about the best practices of their work and name the factors of such choice. These points are the project particular qualities, budget systems, subjective preferences and even the team lead.

Outsourcing software development companies about waterfall and V-model

There are a lot of development companies all-over-the-world that are situated in different countries. The startupper, common person or business owner who wants to order his special application or website could choose the price and development team for their own preferences.  The most popular technologies due to the outsourcing software development companies are waterfall and V-model.

The waterfall is one of the oldest methodologies that assumes the successively stages passing, each of that should be totally finished before the next starts. The management process of this work model is easy. The price and time period that is necessary for the whole project realization are fixed before the project comes to the development stage. The waterfall model is recommended for use in the next situations - the requirements are established and precise, there is no problem with the necessarily qualified developers.

The V-model is similar to the waterfall for its structure - all the stages go step-by-step. The specific feature of the V-model is its orientation to the meticulous checking all the development stages from the beginning of its realization. The outsourcing software development companies mention that the testing stage comes simultaneously with the same development stage.

The most common situation for the V-model usage are:

  • when the scrupulous product testing is vital: the main idea of the V-model - validation and verification are realized at the best way
  • for the projects with fixes and detailed requirements
  • when the necessary testing specialists could be involved in the project readily

One more interesting methodology from the outsourcing software development companies

There is one more work model for the development company that is called incremental model. The main features and requirements of such model are divided into parts. There are several development cycles and together they come to the life cycle named “multi-waterfall”. The specialists from the outsourcing software development companies tell that every cycle consists of some modules and each of it comes across the stages of requirements determination, project combined process, coding, inculcation, and testing. The incremental model of development supposes the MVP and then creating the additional functions called increments. This model is ideal for those who know what he wants and the fast product realization is important.