Web page design for mobile devices - profit spendings or wasting money

The design is always the topic for argue that could have no answer because of creative influence to the subject of disputes. There are different points of view to the necessity of the web page design for mobile devices, but the vital role of it in the modern business world is undeniable. The main question is about the role of the mobile design at financial part of the company. It could bring the great results, but it is real only in situations when the main principles and tendencies are considered.


Web page design for mobile devices - principles and advice for better perception

Users of the mobile gadgets are so fastidious now. This means that the bad-developed website could be closed in the first seconds and have no chance to be fully scrolled by the potential customers. The main principles of video sharing development and web page design for mobile devices, that could raise the effectiveness and bring the profit to the business are:

  • minimizing the number of words - try to think and test the text elements of design on the mobile screen, pay attention to the letters size, color and necessity of a number of words
  • the finger size is bigger than cursor size - it is rather important to mention and be realized at the web page design for mobile devices
  • minimizing the picture sizes - test the pictures on the gadgets and look for the contrast features, colors of elements and think about the user’s eyes
  • no tables - the data in such forms often shows incorrectly at the mobile screens so it could be missed at all
  • minimize the way to the target page - it shouldn’t be the large way to the page with the information that is needed for users of the website because the mobile Internet might be rather slow or expensive and it could cause the quit from the company page at all make the web page design for mobile devices light and easy to approach - the users don’t want to make efforts in the aim to understand the algorithms or work principles of the website because it rather easy to find the analog of the product or just go to another company for the target data

Web page design for mobile devices - modern tendencies

Simplicity is the way for successful and great landing page. Nowadays the using of the mobile gadgets are rather high-amount than desktop, that is the reason of paying attention to the web page design for mobile devices and develop the great mobile version. The main tendencies of the web page design are:

  • slide navigation
  • buttons for scrolling
  • minimalistic or innovative contact forms
  • animated page change
  • slowly display
  • buttons for process indication
  • adaptive web page design for mobile devices
  • modal scrolling
  • slow motion
  • dynamic or animated diagrams
  • hovercraft
  • head motion